Books About the Christian Life!

Here at Fire and Hammer Reformation we have for about the past four months been incredibly quiet, and for this we apologize. We are, however hoping to start writing again, (And we pray the Lord would Bless it) so please stay tuned! After a brief chat with all of our authors we would like to put out a list of books that are on the Christian Life, which we have found to particularly helpful. These books have helped us in our daily walk with Christ, have promoted sanctification or given us knowledge about God’s truth that has shaped how we walk with God. Please enjoy and read them!

  1. The Path of  True Godliness by Willem Teellinck. Which maybe purchased here:

2. Holiness by J.C. Ryle. Which maybe purchased here:

3. Practical Religion by J.C. Ryle. Which maybe purchased here:

4. The Gospel Mystery of Sanctification  by Walter Marshall. Which maybe purchased here:

5. The Christian’s Daily Walk by Henry Scudder. Which maybe purchased here:

6. Precious Remedies Against Satan’s Devices by Thomas Brooks. Which is available here:

7.  The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith by William Romaine. Which is available here:

8. The Godly Man’s Picture by Thomas Watson. Which is can be obtained here:

9.  A Spiritual Appeal to Christ’s Bride by Jacobus van Lodenstein which is available here:

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About Zach Dotson

I am Zach Dotson, I am first and foremost a sinner saved by Grace. I am 22 years old, a college student, and a student of theology in my free time. My major thrust in theology is to bring back that seemingly lost idea that all men should have an "Experimental Knowledge" of the Savior. In my free time I study Church History, particularly Dutch Church History(The Nadere Reformatie,Afscheiding and different views of Dutch Denominations and theologians).I am a lay preacher(in the mountains we have a shortage of Reformed Preachers) and a member of the Big Ridge Presbyterian Church(Hanover Presbytery).

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